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How I got banged up in casting like a bastard: fucked in the ass and leaked the video online. Hello, everyone! My name is Kylie, and I want to share my story: to tell you how I went to the casting. I want that other girls were not led on promises of these two assholes of pre-retirement age. It is represented by different names and say that carry out a set of girls for shooting in porn films with high salary - from 5 000 euros a day and above. I really need money, I came to these assholes in the office and honestly told everything about my life: how I lost my virginity at 15, fucked guys and girls and can do everything in sex and even more! These things said that I was on the verge of getting the part. They asked me to take off my clothes, show my body and prove that I really am without complexes. I tried my best, I did all the dirty fantasies of these guys, and I even licked their filthy ass! They spent almost an hour mocking me, taking turns banging my ass and making me suck on my knees. When it was over, they said they'd call me back and the shoot wouldn't go anywhere, and only the director needed them. And then they leaked the video online!!! Beasts!!! I hate men!
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