Amiee Cambridge - I want a new credit card, puh-leese? (2019/

8-07-2019, 12:10
Amiee Cambridge - I want a new credit card, puh-leese? (2019/

I hate my Mom so much! She thinks she can just take away my credit card for her own controlling issues? No way, that's why I have you, right Daddy? I mean, you aren't my biological father but you've always given me everything I want just like a real Daddy does. You will be sympathetic to my needs of a new outfit for the huge party this weekend, won't you? I have to look stunning!
I need a new dress, accessories, and shoes. How am I going to go shopping for all of this when I don't have a credit card? What? You aren't going to give me money!? Oh really, does Mom own you to? What, does she have your balls under her control? Let me see. Oh God! Look at those boxers you're wearing! Bah...haha! Did she buy those for you? There is no way a real man with balls would be caught with those lame boxers on his bod.
Let me see your balls. Yes, just as I thought. She owns your balls. I don't know why you let her have so much control. It's not like she loves you. Haven't you figured it out yet that she was tired of being s single parent and then you came along so she made you believe she loved you, the real you. She made you believe your money didn't matter. Well, guess what, it does. It matters to her and to me. I'm going to get that money for a new outfit from you because I know something about you that you absolutely don't want me to tell mom about. I know you have a secret credit card that you use for your online porn collection. I've figured out how to get you to say yes to me. I'm going to treat you just like those online girls do except I have something they don't. I can give you my warm flesh. I can also give you something Mom can't give you anymore. I can give you a pretty face and body to look at cause I look like Mom did 18 years ago. Now she looks like and old hag and acts like one to. I don't, I'm fresh and new for you and ready to make you as happy as I can so you will make me happy to, with some new plastic. Look Daddy, I'm not joking about wanting money. I have the cash symbol right on my pretty young hip. You didn't know that about me did you? Now that you had your cum I want my plastic, right after I get your jizz off my hand...eww.

Starring:  Amiee Cambridge
Name:  I want a new credit card, puh-leese?
Year:  2019
Genre:  Handjob, Incest Roleplay, Natural Tits, Taboo
Time:  00:14:06

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